Obtain a safe, effective, and fun workout program made just for YOU!

Our personal training program offers a customized path to long-lasting results. Get the most out of your fitness journey with our certified personal trainer and coach Andrew. 

Our personal training sessions at Roll20 Health & Fitness give you access to one-on-one instruction and a system that is tailored to your unique goals and skill set. We're working hard to help people across the Fredericksburg area to see real results and sustain them for years to come. 

The Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Customized workout plan for better results

  • Engaging and fun workouts

  • Learn how to stay fit outside of training sessions

  • Additional accountability and instruction

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Our Personal Training Sessions begin with a FREE fitness assessment in order to understand where you are in your fitness journey and what you are hoping to achieve.


Andrew will work with you to identify the goals you have in mind, understand the details that have held you back in the past, and map out the most efficient path to success.

At Roll20 Health & Fitness, we are offering Adventurers of all backgrounds:

  • Professional coaching and instruction designed just for you

  • Cutting-edge facility and resources to help you reach your goals

  • Ongoing support and accountability throughout the process

  • Continued feedback and analysis of your progress


Fitness training isn't just about how hard you work. It's about how efficiently and effectively you are challenging your body. Our Personal Training Sessions cater to the unique training your body needs. We offer you targeted training strategies that help you take steps forward every single day.

We are here to help everyone see real results.

Join us today in Fredericksburg and take on:

  • Lean, functional strength gains to improve your strength

  • Healthy, sustainable fat burning

  • Improved agility and dexterity

  • Incredible self-confidence in everything you do